The Space Game

We are getting close to solidifying a space for September! It's super exciting to think we'll have a brilliant space to have students come to learn magic!

We will continue with a satellite space in Mississauga, but our main base will be in Toronto. The idea is to create a space for aspiring magicians to come, learn, perform and meet some of our amazing talented instructors on a weekly basis!

Our classes in Mississauga are coming to a close :( Our spring session was only a few short weeks, but don't worry........We are finalizing details on two upcoming workshops! May 31st in Mississauga and June 24th in Toronto. Stay tuned for details.

And of course, our fall line up will be revealed August 1st, 2018!

In the meantime, if you're looking for some magic to watch, we encourage you to check out #theThrillusionists on CBC!

~ DaCosta Magic


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