Review - Voodo No Dood

Welcome to my magic review blog.  What can I say about this first effect I’m reviewing.  Voodoo No Dood by Justin Miller is one of my favourite effects and I perform it regularly. Imagine sharing an impossible series of events with a spectator without saying much.  Two cards are used along with a lighter and a marker.  That’s it!  This is one miracle you’ll be performing over and over again.  One card signed, but both are kept as a souvenir by the spectator.  First a corner is burned on one card, and shockingly the other card now has a burned corner.  Next a large char mark is burned onto the back of one card, and impossibly the other card is turned over to reveal it too is charred.  Finally one card is torn where the spectator chooses only to find that the other card is torn in the same place.  Did I forget to mention that in each phase the spectator is holding onto one of the cards, sandwiching it between both hands?  Yes, Voodoo No Dude is that hard hitting.  The spectator is left with two souvenirs to forever remind them of the impossible occurrence that just happened.  Voodoo No Dude is definitely an effect that you will perform.  Since it is being released soon by Penguin Magic, you can pick it up today from Justin Miller’s site at for a very limited time. 

If you are reading this after April 27, 2018, then you’ll have to get it through Penguin Magic.

Remember, there are no gimmicks, and no slight of hand.  I give the effect a real worker’s 10/10.  

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