Designing a Deck of Cards - Can-eh-diana

I have always loved playing cards.  I’ve been lightly collecting decks of cards ever since I can remember.  (I still have some decks from when I was a little boy).  Anytime I would go on vacation I would keep an eye out for a souvenir deck of some sort.  I wouldn’t go crazy buying decks until much later in life, when I would buy almost every deck being released by the big companies. Those big companies are Ellusionist, Theory11, Dan & Dave Buck, The Blue Crown and David Blaine. I amassed over 1000 decks in the span of about 6 years.  In all those years of collecting decks, not once did I find a good quality, decently designed deck for Canada.  I found my mission!  I would design a Canadian deck that I would be proud to own and show off.  That was the birth of the Can-Eh-Diana deck.  

I used design software similar to Illustrator, only my software was free.  It’s called Inkscape.  I took inspiration from several designs from decks in my collection, such as the Stud deck and Jerry’s Nugget deck. I wanted to showcase Canadian magic talent, so I included 12 Canadian magicians as the court cards.  I tried getting the deck funded via kickstarter, but it wasn’t successful.  I thought maybe it was too much directed at a small niche of people by including the magicians, so in my second version I replaced the magicians with Canadian sports for the kings.  I then tried a new deck crowdfunding platform and lowered my total funding goal.  It was successful, and so I present to you the “Can-Eh-Diana” deck, with two limited edition designs.  They are available from our online store.


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